Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Dress Like Aria montgomery (Pretty Litte Liars)

So, am going to be doing one blog post a week featuring my favorite fashionable characters from my fave TV shows (bare in mind that some might not be my fave people in that show). I'll be sharing my views on the looks and how to get the look 4 LESS. Because we all know you don't have to be rich to be a fashionista.

With That said lets get to it, I just could resist but to feature this girl first. She hails from my utmost favorite show and she is my most adored character on any show. I don't know the stylist/s as yet but I truly get inspired by the easy going yet totally fashionable way of putting things together. So, can I get a drum roll please.................. (Is the suspense killing you yet? l.o.l.) And the winner is Aria Montgomery ( You know you love her and her gorgeous boy toy).

She's just so adorable with wavy hair and those side swept bangs. Let's  get to it, in my opinion her style is grunge crossed with some glam rock ( Just enough not hard core) after all she is artsy writer, don't we see New York in the near future;well I do. But according to Teen Vogue her style is "Eclectic and unexpected Vintage-inspired Experimental Worldly" and I have to agree because after walking every episode; hate to brag it's like she put her own spin on vintage, rock star and grunge.

Aria's hair is very well put together and by that I mean every strand is always in place, let's say for argument sake that her loose big voluminous curls has a saying "No strand left aside"...................l.o.l. Her side part is signature and perfected.
To get aria beautiful curls I used this video and so can you.

Make up
Smokey eye and pink lips (usually bright), which am sure that we've all tried to perfect, but let's keep it a secret; I failed miserably on multiple occasions. Shhhhhhhhhhh..........

Look over into the dark side and embrace it, because if a make up palette was created to mimic Aria's wardrobe it would mainly feature neutrals, browns, blacks and dark red. As I said Grunge much!!!
Leather boots, leather jackets and leather handbags lots and lots of leather, rock star chic, vintage leather has been in for quite some time so let absorb Aria's fashion forward abilities.

Aria lives in lace, and this trivial question has been intruding my mind space since it entered my thinking very willingly. Does she prefer lace or leather, lace or leather, lace or leather? While this question bombarded my thoughts another proceeded in joining the party, which one does she rock naturally the hardest? My answer is undecided because while she does do good with some good ole' signature leather pieces, the second nature feel of lace truly does appeal strongly to my sixth sense, sense of style.

Unlike the average fashionable teen, Aria is daring, artsy, may I say I'm inspired (sure I've said so before). While I sadly might in the now and wear a floral, Aria would totally rock a floral but as darling as she is, she would totally go for something bold. Like abstract pieces, something more out there, like her relationship RISKY. Make notes my fab ones, surely do.Sometimes we do have to go outside of the box to lead the pack.

When it comes to jewelery, Aria is adventurous; statement is key or should I say statement jewelery. Another thing to remember when mimicking always layer whether it be jewelery or clothes. Layering is your friend. So add some feather and some fringe maybe even some tassels cause she has done it all.

Now that we've gone through the basics lets get to the fun stuff:  
Getting the Look for a LOT LESS (I would think)

 The Look

The Less
Skinny Jeans = $19.90 (

Hammered Earrings = $1.50 (

Black Ankle Booties = $22.80 (

Striped tie- dye top = $10.80 (

Ring = $3.80 (

Smooth Bead Necklace = $1.50 (

Oversize Tote = $29.50 (

 The Look 2

The Less

 The Look 3
 The Less

 Hope you guys enjoy this post.
Love Lenny


  1. could you tell where you found the clothes from look 2 & 3 ??

  2. Yeah, you just randomly stopped adding prices and things. Also, I think it would improve your post a lot if you added pictures, such as her lacy habits, and her bangs. I kept waiting for them but they never came.