Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trending Now: Street Style

Recently, I've been seeing and hearing the term Street Style way more than often. So, has Street Style become the new Runway?

In fact, I must admit it's way more interesting to view a fashion blog each day and be intrigued by the individual and uniqueness of that bloggers conceptualizing of runway trends and their style. Because personally I can honestly say it's way easier for me to choose and decipher which trends are only for the runway  and which will inn fact flatter me, plus lets admit we've all tried plagiarizing our favorite fashion bloggers outfits; it's just so inspirational.

But don't worry a bit classic Chanel is as the name implies CLASSIC. My advice is take the inspiration from the blogger choose trends you really want to try but always invest/ splurge on the classics.

Let's be INSPIRED!

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